I Quit!

President’s Message

When I opened the doors to Province Mortgage Associates in 2005, I did so because I felt like there was something missing from the mortgage industry.

Every company I had worked for, or competed against for that matter, always talked about having great culture and putting the employees first. Important decisions were always made with profit being the deciding factor and never the employees and their families. After seeing it happen time and time again, I decided that I wanted to create a company where profit certainly was a factor, but the employee experience was always the driving force behind my decision-making.

With this motivation pushing me to create something better, I focused my efforts on a few core values that I knew would create the kind of culture many desired. Today, our dedicated employees love to share where they work because they are proud of the special company we built together. People here feel valued and empowered.

We’re not concerned with being the biggest mortgage company, but we do want to be the best. As we continue to attack our goals for growth each year, we always feel and act like a family. We work hard and support one another in advancing our careers based on merit…not politics.

At Province Mortgage Associates, culture isn’t a catch phrase. It’s what we live and breathe.

You are two words away from the career you deserve:


David Currie, President

Province Mortgage