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Process & Support

Our goal is for Province Mortgage Associates to always be synonymous with excellence.

Our value begins with cutting edge technology that supports our clients, our infrastructure, and our referral partners.

Our process is streamlined and effective and our people benefit from award winning operations, high leverage training, and powerful marketing that breeds success.

Province Mortgage - Process & Support

Sales driven workflow

We’ve devised a sales driven workflow that fosters an outstanding client experience while maximizing internal accountability. Mortgage professionals are tired of asking the question, “Who has my file now?” At Province Mortgage Associates, the same processor owns the file both before and after underwriting, which reduces knowledge loss, increases accuracy, and accelerates the clear to close. Daily status reports keep our mortgage advisors informed so they can remain focused on prospecting their next client instead of chasing down files.

Sales Driven Workflow


Over the years, Province Mortgage Associates has thoughtfully procured the perfect technologies that provide maximum speed, ease of use, data accessibility, and convenience. Our systems allow our mortgage advisors to efficiently manage their business from any location while providing our clients with the best mortgage experience available anywhere. We continue to enhance it by evaluating and implementing any technological advances that improve the way we do business.

  • Company Intranet – internal portal that houses all the links and documents you could ever need to survive in the mortgage world
  • Loan Decisions Pricing Engine
  • Guardian Docs with E signatures
  • Nightly Status Report – automatically updating you on your loans
  • Database analytics tool
  • Apply Now application
  • Web Crawler – make sure there is no activity on the house
  • Adopt My Mortgage rate watcher
Province Mortgage - Process & Support - Technology

Province Mortgage - Process & Support - Marketing


Many seasoned mortgage professionals tend to get away from effective marketing because it takes time and effort to create and maintain a consistent campaign. This is not an issue at Province Mortgage Associates. Our mortgage advisors enjoy the unlimited benefits of our comprehensive marketing platform. The content is timely and relevant with ‘set and forget’ capabilities that are co-branded with our referral partners. We cover every media outlet with access to customized pieces created in house to serve any need.

  • Personalized websites
  • Opt-In Individualized Marketing Budget
  • Complete Life Cycle Marketing System
  • Social Media and Press Release Announcements
  • Marketing Intern Program (Dedicated to creating customized marketing and mail house pieces)
  • Marketing Flyer Database – houses over 150 customizable marketing templates
  • Set and Forget Marketing Campaigns

Don Wilson
Director of Corporate Relations

Support Initiatives

Province Mortgage Associates earns the commitment of its people by providing unprecedented peer support in a team environment that permeates our culture and inspires our people to exceed their goals. We consider it our obligation to differentiate you from your competitors by adding value beyond rate sheets and business cards. We share, we coach, and we help to strengthen the relationships that lead to your success.

  • Province College – Five day program designed to expedite the on-boarding process
  • Monthly Best Practice Sales Meetings
  • Mortgage Advisor Accountability Coaching Program
  • Realtor Boot Camp – Accountability Coaching Program for Realtors
  • Corporate Affinity Program – Help build business through financial wellness education
  • Underwriting Hotline
  • Appraisal Management Company
  • Lock Desk
  • Express Lane – Close loans faster than you ever thought possible
  • Company Sponsored Networking Events
Province Mortgage - Process & Support - Support Initiatives

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